This is the story of Frogault, a Fragonian in search of his beloved partner, Froguette. While looking for her, our protagonist will have to visit three planets and battle against his natural predators. Will Frogault be up to the challenge?


  • A : Run left
  • D : Run right
  • Space : Jump
  • Up : Attack up
  • Down : Attack down (try it in the air!)
  • Left : Attack left
  • Right : Attack right
Wall Climb:
  • W : Climb up
  • S : Climb down
  • Space : Wall jump
Ceiling Climb:
  • A : Climb left
  • D : Climb right
  • S : Stop climbing


Project Leader - SimKimchi
  • Mnix - Backgrounds, owl enemy, platforms, spikes, floors
  • Ochiogrande - Fox enemy, spikes, space ship, platforms, transition screen
  • Knight0wl - Main character, title screen
  • motorthud - Lizard enemy, platforms
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Updated 26 days ago
Release date 34 days ago
Authorssimkimchi, BenoitV5000, Mnix, Knight0wl, motorthud, ochiogrande, Troisnyx
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Arcade, Pixel Art, Short, Side Scroller, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes

Development log


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The soundtrack really stood out to me. Great at capturing the different moods of each zone. The gameplay was fun and I liked the variety of enemies. The climbing was also really cool. Great job overall. 

I did encounter one bug when I was on the last level where I was wall climbing and got hit by the bird and was sent flying off. Was easily able to recover though.

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Cool mechanics and OST! I like the way that you control the frog with AWSD and his tongue with the arrows! That was a fun playing! AWesome controls. (The frog sprites + animations are so cool)

Aaaa so glad you enjoyed the OST! Warms my heart to know that. Thank you~

Really nice mood! I like the wall ride mechanic. I wish there were an ingame sort of tutorial to learn all the different inputs. For example: I didn't realise I could do a double-jump until I got trapped into a death cycle.

Otherwise great job!

Thank you :) Yeah an in-game tutorial would have been a good idea, players struggling with learning the controls is a feedback that we received a lot so far.

Wow I love the atmosphere, art, sound design are both great. Sticking to the ceiling is a unique take on platforming that took me a while to get the hang of. Reminds me of DS era platformers. Great job!  

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it :)


Great job. The music really sets the atmosphere of the game. Great idea- reminds me a bit of Donkey Kong Country.

Thanks for the compliment! Comparing the game to DKC is really flattering :P

That is incredibly high praise; glad you enjoyed the music! Thank you!


Nice Job!

Thank you!